Welcome Pilgrims

One of the great things about the Internet, is a person like myself can create a whole web site designed to promote a set of services. Since I have always wanted my own country, I chose to name this site Doug's Country.

I am a Consultant, Marketeer, Salesman, Photographer ,Writer, Public Speaker, Trainer and Genealogist. In those worlds, I offer a substantial set of skills to every customer. I tell everyone, if you have a need, please don't hesitate to ask!

My career has centered around technology, starting first with audio and video, then a bit of radio and television. When personal computers hit the streets, I jumped in with both feet, first selling for Radio Shack™ and then for Egghead Discount Software™. After doing time with both companies, I became a consultant to businesses of all types and sizes. From startups to corporations, I am a nonstop resource, serving your business in many roles.

➤ I am the Consultant who can show you how to make things work better!
➤ I am the Trainer who can teach your personnel!
➤ I am the Web Designer who can make your online presence sing!
➤ I am the Marketing Man who can expand and promote your Brand!

I help businesses automate and adapt their marketing to an electronic world. Coordination of both online and offline advertising is essential, but the two worlds are not the same. I can show you how to create marketing to properly address both arenas.

The day after the internet went public, someone called me wanting to know where my web site was. In a few hours, I had the 7th active web site on the Internet. I have since designed several hundred websites for myself and others. I have worked with, businesses, non-profits and government entities.

I am a professional outdoor photographer. While I have done some indoor shoots, I usually do not shoot weddings or events. I leave those to photographers who specialize in that type of photography. I have recently started my first YouTube™ Channel.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival ©2014

I am a writer. One of my first jobs as a teenager, was co-writing sports articles for my local newspaper the "Austintown Leader." I have since written for other newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs, and provided content for hundreds of web sites. I have published one book in print and had 4 E-books on Amazon™ for a while. I will soon be selling those E-Books here in this website.

I love Public Speaking. I have had the opportunity to speak before small groups, seminars and even football stadiums of people. I can speak on a wide variety of topics and have stories to fit every venue.

Do you need Training? I can teach or train a variety of topics. I don't care if it's an individual or a group. I get a real kick out of doing seminars too!

Ever wondered who you are and where your family roots are? As a Genealogist, I can research for you or teach you how to research yourself. I have been researching my family since 1974 and have since written many articles and taught a variety of Genealogy classes.

Thank you for visiting my country. If you have any questions please just Contact Me!