I am a Consultant, Marketeer, Salesman, Writer, Public Speaker and Trainer. I offer a substantial set of skills to every customer. I tell everyone, if you have a need, please don't hesitate to ask!

My career has centered around technology, starting first with audio and video, then a bit of radio and television. When personal computers hit the streets, I jumped in with both feet. I eventually became a consultant to businesses of all types and sizes. From startups to corporations, I am a nonstop resource, serving your business in many roles.

➤ I am the Consultant who can show you how to make things work better!
➤ I am the Marketing Man who can expand and promote your Brand!
➤ I am the Web Designer who can make your online presence sing!
➤ I am the Trainer who can teach your personnel!

Thank you for visiting my country. If you have any questions please just Contact Me!